🚩At the first WILL ITALIA 🇮🇹 national Congress in Mantua, on 2nd Dec 2022, WILL unveiled their official anthem:

🚩meet “JUSTICE.”: a great story deserves a majestic soundtrack. Our vision, and mission are now also supported by an official music;

🚩this is an epic anthem, a music growing in pathos and emotion, reflecting our values for bettering the world 🌍 through our legal profession!

🚩composed by Michele Pirona, top Italian guitarist, a multi-time internationally awarded musician and by Luca Franzolini, producer;

🚩featuring Marina Bargone, professional singer and musician;

🚩this anthem is WILL: meet JUSTICE. (with the full stop) on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube! (For quicker search type “Justice Pirona” and you ll find the cover)