Why Clients should choose WILL

How important is it to count on friends in life? Very. Life is made up of special moments but of challenging situations too.

Whether you need personal legal aid in judicial fora, or your business firm seeks legal advice when expanding to foreign markets, a WILL lawyer will be at your side to fight for your best interests.

International aid

Nowadays WILL legal aid covers 20 time zones. The ever-expanding professional community is also dedicated to spreading the values its members share. On our platform you will easily find a lawyer, who will be in contact with your private lawyer.

Thanks to the fact that the WILL lawyers constantly exchange know-how and views on an international basis, you can rely on the warmth that characterises a local law firm and at the same time on the competences of a large law firm.

Senior lawyers

WILL lawyers are highly qualified, valued and appreciated legal consultants in their home-towns and are also owners or co-owners of their own law firms. You will only be assigned to senior lawyers, with decades of experience behind them.

Business protection

WILL can be the partner of your business firm on international markets, providing you with services, such as, for example, tax protection, industrial property protection, assessment of investment opportunities or the planning of legal marketing strategies.

If a business firm plans to invest in a country other than its own, WILL allows you to analyse in detail a foreign market thanks to the international cooperation amongst his/her lawyers. In this way, legal aid at high levels is also made accessible to those small and medium-sized enterprises , which wish to expand globally.

Person Defence

WILL has been set up to make sure that, should it be required, every individual can rely on a capable legal consultant anywhere in the world. Our lawyers take special care for the person first and foremost.

With regards to each case on which we work, we are dedicated to defending people who are facing difficulties, whilst making them feel at home. Thanks to WILL, you can always count on a friend and a real professional and feel protected anywhere in the world.

Why a Lawyer should choose WILL

WILL is the place where a person who is facing difficulties or an ambitious entrepreneur can easily find a lawyer, in whom he can put his full confidence and trust.

We welcome partners with open arms who have a marked awareness of social issues and have developed proven expertise in international law.

Ethics and values

We follow both the entrepreneurs who wish to have a legal partner by their side, protecting them and guiding them to international markets, and also persons who need to face a lawsuit.

WILL makes room for those who believe that highest level of legal protection should be a resource for all. Every day we decide to be driven by excellence, passion, integrity, and ethics.

Professional growth

Every lawyer joining WILL continues to be an independent consultant but shares the principle of solidarity and cooperation without competition.

WILL is a legal project composed of innovative lawyers. Our lawyers are expected to have the ability to use lateral thinking and to accept challenges at work in line with their own personality, exploiting their own strengths.


Every consultant makes every effort to gain the trust of the clients and the associated members. We always work as a team and for the team and we can count on the widest possible know-how in international law.

Furthermore, WILL lawyers are experienced, trained networkers and they are members in world’s leading referral organizations. It is a unique opportunity to be part of WILL, WILL allows you to build relationships, which improve the world.