WILL is a worldwide network of emergency services in all areas of law in many jurisdictions. We find rapid solutions to international transactions thanks to the joint work with our specialists who are experienced in their national jurisdictions and communities.

Person and family

We like happy families. But sometimes things don’t go as we expected. We are by your side to provide both consulting services and assistance in the aspects of marriage law, custody and living arrangements for children, and also the protection of vulnerable people in all the countries where we are present.


A particularly good relationship between the insurance company and the insured party is based on good communication. Should there be a need to re-establish this relationship, then WILL lawyers intervene and shall ensure that the expectations of both parties are met in accordance with the conditions set in the international law.


Travelling is a pleasure. When we move around the world we are surrounded by different cultures, customs, and habits different from our own and we may need to have the support of a specialist on the spot in order to continue the journey with peace of mind. Often it’s simply a case of better communication in the legal field too.


Would you like to launch your project into a new foreign market? WILL focuses on helping you to export your business abroad. If companies intend to invest in the international markets WILL is able to obtain and guarantee rapid and quick consulting services thanks to the international collaboration between his/her lawyers and his/her partners.

Business associations

The organizations representing and protecting the industries and the production categories are a precious asset for the labour market. WILL specialists are by their side with personalized consulting, focused on assuring that these organizations do their work in complete tranquillity.

New technologies

Machines has been rapidly replacing humans in fields that, until quite recently, were mere experimentations. As some scenarios open up, and often due to a specific missing regulatory framework, especially, at international level, WILL is aimed at business firms and those actors who need to interpret the current legislation in light of rapid technological change.