Public Administration plays its role paying attention to the interests of the community and its focus lies in acting according to efficiency and savings goals. However, at times, it appears necessary to restore harmony between everything Public Administration stands for and the citizens.

WILL lawyers provide judicial and out-of-court assistance with regards to administrative law, in particular in the field of public procurements, compulsory acquisition, as well as in the calculation of the compensation. They provide advice also within the public services, such as the integrated water service, waste treatment, public transportation, urban planning, and building.

Will lawyers boast their expertise also in environmental law and they are able to support both private citizens and companies with regards to issues, such as remediation of polluted sites, aquatic noise and odour pollution, circular economy as well as environmental sustainability.

Will specialists boast a distinguished experience gained over the years within litigation management at every stage of administrative appeal courts and at the Court of Auditors within the administrative liability of both public accountants, directors of local bodies, and public officials.

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