There are decisive moments in our professional life where choice can determine a turning point.

Do you dream of building a fairer world?  So, do we. This is how WILL was founded, inspired by a great ideal.  Becoming part of it means:

Independence and collaboration

By joining WILL you will maintain your independence in your firm, whilst being able to rely immediately on a true international legal department of expert lawyers, firm owners who all share strong values.  You will benefit from over two thousand years of legal experience in more than 70 jurisdictions worldwide.

Security of a guaranteed network

When WILL lawyers need help, they can rely on colleagues who are committed to an ethical code based on rapid response and professional greeting, in addition to support from WILL leaders.

When one of your key clients requires an important consultation which cannot be delayed and where there is no room for uncertainty (which may lead to losing a client, on a project of great value), you can consult other colleague from the professional appointment, knowing for sure that they have been chosen by WILL leaders who know each one of them personally.

Dream big

WILL is an Austrian law firm whose brand is currently registered in over 60 countries. With business trading and legal form defined, WILL can easily enter agreements with businesses, institutions, diplomatic representations, associations.

WILL has designed a strong organisation for marketing in the legal field, focusing on the brand and online positioning.

This means it is able to substantially increase visibility of its affiliates, create a new stimulating legal environment and hence also a concrete possibility to increase business.

Expand your knowledge

Would you like to be part of our international team of Labour Law?  Or intellectual Property Law? or Family Law and Inheritance?

Now you can, as WILL promotes collaboration and co-creation.  Collaborating and growing professionally alongside a Japanese, Austrian, South African, Colombian, or American colleague is easy in WILL.

In WILL you will be able to bring your ideas to improve the legal profession worldwide.  You will leave a mark in the creation of the most valuable asset for people and companies who will benefit from your skills, enhanced by the collaboration with other affiliates.

Business aside, in WILL you will be in contact with lawyers from all other nations, experts in their field. In WILL you will never stop learning.

Meeting trained networkers

WILL affiliates are professionals with decades of experience in their industry and therefore members in different and relevant international networks. They are people who share the importance in the strength of relationships, in constant training, in connection between experience and innovation, attitude for cooperation, reliability, responsivity and professional recognition.
These people commit on the above values, signing a code of ethics with WILL.


To become a WILL affiliate we need to get to know you. We will contact you once we have received your filled-in application form.