Welcome to The Will Honour Club

Here at The Will Honour Club, a distinguished division of the Worldwide Indipendent Lawers League (WILL), we pride ourselves in hosting an elite group of seasoned professionals with at least 30 years in the legal industry. Our members are experts who have been sharpening their legal prowess and uplifting the field of law for decades.

About The Will Honour Club

The Will Honour Club combines wisdom, experience, and prestige in the legal industry. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our professionals. We are a sophisticated network of highly-respected professionals who have shaped the contours of legal practice globally. Our members, with their extensive experience, are the north stars that have lit up the path for aspiring legal prodigies around the world.

The Mission

Our mission is to cultivate an environment where vast legal knowledge, expertise and integrity converge; fostering alliances that transcend borders. We leverage the collective wisdom of our members to provide innovative strategies and effective solutions to complex legal issues unearthed by our fast-paced, dynamic world.

Our Members

Our members are the bedrock of the Honour Club. They are distinguished legal professionals, thought leaders, strategists, and trailblazers with an experience spanning at least 30 years. Each member embodies the spirit of WILL: integration, innovation, and international growth. Through the Honour Club, they share, grow, and unite in fostering a future that respects traditions but is not limited by them.

Benefit From The Honour Club

Explore the Honour Club’s extensive networking opportunities, recognitions, and access to high-profile events. Benefits extend beyond professional growth to include innovative thought access, mentors


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