🚩WILL are about long term collaboration with strong values involved!

🚩We saw a tremendous growth recently with dozens of new affiliates: but WILL have a backbone of affiliates who decide to re-confirm their engagement through years. WILL are an alliance with more than 90 percent retention after two years (from the foundation!)

🚩WILL started the confirmation for commitment 2023 among their affiliates: vision and purpose need perseverance!

🚩last week 100 percent of the affiliates asked to re-confirm their engagement in WILL responded “YES!”; JAPAN 🇯🇵 and ITALY 🇮🇹 have in common enthusiasm and energy!

🚩Toshio Moriyama, Kota Hirakawa, Takashi Hara – Japan 🇯🇵; Adriana Battistutta, Roberto Crasnich and Federico Gasparinetti– Italy 🇮🇹 confirmed their full support to WILL for 2023;

🚩vision and core purpose are pursued daily with these super affiliates!

🚩WILL ITALIA 🇮🇹, with Enrica Maggi and her regional leaders – and WILL JAPAN 🇯🇵 with Yuki Nakamura have great leaders. Thank you for your effort!!