Even the vastest horizons may detect
a wide room for expansion

Entering selective and competitive markets successfully often requires both a team work and a multidisciplinary approach.

WILL cooperates with selected professional partners, complementary to the legal field, in order to enable professionals and companies to explore new commercial territories and seize growth opportunities.

We guide small and medium sized companies through the process of internationalization, development and export management, and provide adaptable, flexible services in the areas of services overview, export development, management, support, import management and technical consulting.

Founded in 1989, Brocca Maletta & partners has a long history of satisfying the international tax needs of its Italian and foreign clients. In order to ensure a high quality of service and to responde to the internationalization process, Brocca Maletta & partners has built up a strong professional team of consultants. Endering services in the client’s native language, they can give a better understanding of the Italian tax system, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions.
At the same time, the presence of foreign professionals helps Italian clients to cater to the demands of the international market. It is no accident that clients continue to recognize CONSULENTI ASSOCIATI’s ability to respond to their specific needs through innovative and efficient solutions.

Every business is special, has its own story, its own objectives, its own uniqueness.
Neskey is capable of identifying and implementing a strategic path for structured and continuous growth of enterprises, by coupling subsidized finance with ordinary finance.

A.I.C.E.C. is a non-political and non-profit association of chartered accountants.

A.I.C.E.C. has a dual mission.
On one hand, to train specialized professionals capable of supporting Italian SMEs in the complex paths of commercial and productive internationalization.
On the other hand, to disseminate and maintain a positive image of Italy on international markets, promoting its economy, products, and services, and highlighting, in international contexts, the particularities of the “commercialista made in Italy” who, unlike professionals from abroad, possesses a set of skills normally found only in multiple professional figures.