We wish all the business firms every success. But we are always ready to assist them even if the situation becomes a challenge.

WILL lawyers provide legal aid both to business firms in distress and to individuals who boast credits towards a defaulting debtor.

WILL provides support to those entrepreneurs who struggle with difficult situations from the time when financial strains arise until bankruptcy and company reorganization proceedings are possibly opened. In particular, in order to provide clients with the most appropriate instruments to cope with distress, WILL lawyers first focus on the analysis of the company indebtedness and verify that there are the legal grounds to invoke insolvency and to prefer the procedure, which is more compatible with the client’s requirements.

WILL lawyer’s advice also includes the evaluation and the management of the labour-related laws implications of insolvency. WILL lawyers keep their personal values in minds, that is the search of the most positive solutions, and draw up restructuring plans and agreements.

In view of their distinguished experience in the international field, they are also able to provide specialized advice in the management of cross-border insolvency, by paying particular attention to the relevant European regulations.

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