“We dream of a world where the highest quality legal protection is democratized and easily accessible globally for each individual, company or entity.”

Marco Buscema, founder of WILL

The WILL dream has begun with a traumatic event that has marked the life of its founder, Italian lawyer, Marco Buscema. It was in 1997, when Marco was in Turkey and the bus, on which he was travelling together with many other people, went over a cliff. He survived, but the consequences that the survivors suffered, also due to the lack of adequate legal aid haunted him.

Marco feels how necessary it is to do something so that no more people felt isolated in serious situations. Step by step he has built a network of relationships with lawyers throughout the world, who have shared his mission, that is:

WILL contributes in building a fairer world through the creation of the widest international league of top legal specialists, covering more than 20 time zones. Owners and co-owners of law firms exclusively, who have the necessary expertise to solve problems through lateral thinking and, at the same time, are capable of establishing a relationship of mutual trust with the client and among peers. Every day we decide to be guided by our core values: leadership, accountability, collaboration, outperformance.

This is how WILL, the Worldwide Independent Lawyers League, came to be established. The acronym refers to the freedom of will, the power of choice and decision making, the will to succeed. The word Will has a positive legal meaning: it means legacy. WILL is also a proper noun, ideally, a trusted person on whom you can rely on, regardless of the country where you, or we, may be. In this way the differences between cultures become opportunities and you can always count on great friends from all over the world.