We always need to have a roof over our head. But there is somebody who buys and invests money.

Both directly and with the support of a team of notary publics and trusted technicians, the WILL lawyers provide advice to the entrepreneurs who wish to invest in real estate. They offer support in determining the most proper contractual solution for the implementation of the business project, including the most recent solutions developed by the combination of law and technology.
The WILL lawyers accompany the Client not only throughout the stage of the Real Estate, legal, town planning and tax due diligence but also throughout the stage of negotiations and the drawing up of preliminary and final purchase and sale agreements.

WILL offers valuable support within the research of loans for the development of real estate projects too.

Thanks to their expertise in the international field, WILL lawyers cooperate with a wide network of real estate agents with head offices in many countries worldwide and they can therefore support the investors to find the most suitable property for their investments, considering in particular the countries, where prices are expected to increase in the long term.

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