We are all connected to Internet but we all have the right to our privacy.

The WILL lawyers provide broad range of advice in the field of protection of personal data and with regard to specific regulations dealing with information technology. The services we offer include in particular the compliance of personal data processed by the company with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as well as the website compliance, including e-commerce websites, with the personal data processing Regulation, with cookies and with e-commerce. They also include the transfer of personal data, particular data too, to third countries, the protection of the right to be forgotten and of the right to reputation on the Internet.

Thanks to the expertise of the WILL lawyers in the international field, both the Clients and the business firms with head offices and suboffices in more countries around the world can benefit from professional support.

The international cooperation among the WILL lawyers is valuable thanks also to the protection of the consumers who, for instance, give their data to business firms based abroad, without being aware both of the regulations and of the rights conferred on them.

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