🚩WILL ASIA expand the team in Vietnam 🇻🇳 today!

🚩we welcome attorney Tinh Duc Nguyen from Hanoi: a top performer, managing partner at TTP (Tinh-Thao-Phuong, all three in WILL!) a major law firm in Vietnam 🇻🇳 (40 attorneys)!

🚩our esteemed colleague is a global man: with vast international experience in Vietnam 🇻🇳, Russia 🇷🇺, Japan 🇯🇵 and native/proficient in the three languages plus 🇬🇧 English !

🚩Tinh is focused on business / corporate law (M & A and labor law);

🚩a super addition in WILL!

🚩meet Tinh at https://cloud.willeague.com/#/associate=tinh.duc.nguyen.