Our family is a safe harbour. But from time to time we imagine a life far away from it.

WILL lawyers deal with family law applying not only their legal skills but also active listening skills towards the Clients as they are professionals specialized and sensitive with regard to the subject matter. In fact, the persons who need support of a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of these matters, are often in a delicate emotional state.

WILL lawyers deal in particular with marital and registered partnerships distress management, and also with child custody and family disputes; they also cope with matters, such as inheritances, adoption procedures and domestic violence cases, but also unions of unmarried couples and the relevant drawing up of domestic partnership agreements.

Furthermore, WILL provides specific advice also with regards to inheritance law, in particular in the management of international inheritance proceedings, which involve goods located in more countries worldwide.

The WILL expertise in the international field comes into play when, for instance, the spouses come from other countries. In this case it is essential to understand which law is applicable to the marital relationship, and in the event of separation or divorce how the jurisdiction is determined. Furthermore, if after the divorce one of the spouses intends to move to another country with his/her children, it is important to understand whether and under which conditions it is feasible or not with regard to the best child protection, especially if the children are minors. The specific expertise of WILL lawyers can be an indispensable help also in the field of international adoptions.

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