🚩attorney Giulia Perri , Italy 🇮🇹 and USA 🇺🇸 – responsible for the WILL’s column WILL HORIZONS – met and interviewed our esteemed colleague Robert Oosthout from The Hague, Netherlands 🇳🇱;

🚩a long journey through the outstanding experience of Robert, his uplifting vision of legal profession, his goals and dreams: why he decided to get the leadership of WILL BENELUX;

🚩Giulia and Robert contribute so much to highlight what in WILL we call WILLNESS!!

🚩please find interview attached at the bottom of this news;

🚩meet Giulia Perri at https://cloud.willeague.com/#/associate=giulia.perri

🚩meet Alphonse Robert Oosthout at https://cloud.willeague.com/#/associate=alphonse.robert.oosthout.

interview Oosthout