🚩WILL are confirming their top 🔝 roster with the 2023 renewal campaign! 30 colleagues confirmed their commitment last week!

🚩WILL ITALIA 🇮🇹 (head Enrica Maggi) on the stage with big thanks to attorneys Raffaella Gipponi, Sabina Rutigliano, Eva Vigato, Linda Zullo, Giulia Perri, Claudio Moscati, Marco Ballotti, Gian Nicola Ferrari;

🚩WILL DACH (head Joseph Weinrauch) with thanks to Florian Linder (Austria 🇦🇹), Andreas Hecker, Günther Raths, Günther Werner, Mechthild Kathke Brech (Germany 🇩🇪), Peter Ruggle (Switzerland 🇨🇭);

🚩WILL JAPAN (head Yuki Nakamura) 🇯🇵 with thanks to Masashi Watanabe, Daisuke Kammera, Koh Matsuzawa, Masaki Mine;

🚩WILL NORDIC (head Gintarè Girdzijauskienè) with thanks to Helena Sjögren (Sweden 🇸🇪) and Mikko Vartia (Finland 🇫🇮) ;

🚩other top valuable colleagues in different countries (with soon 🔜 a country presidency) deicided to renew their vision with WILL: thanks to Paulina Jablonowska and Krzysztof Danielak (Poland 🇵🇱), Amaury Sonet and Richard Cohen (France 🇫🇷), Marat Agabalyan and Ivan Tertychny (Russia 🇷🇺); Tim De Clercq (Belgium 🇧🇪); Dunstan Magro (Malta 🇲🇹);


🚩with all these colleagues (top professionals in their countries), we will grow with quality and strength!

🚩explore our website willeague.com at the section affiliates https://cloud.willeague.com/#/ and meet our colleagues!