🚩super meeting in Singapore, held on Nov 15-19 for WILL Asia – Pacific, joining also the BNI global convention;

🚩three days of sharing perspectives, networking, ideas for the future and meaningful business contacts from all over the world 🌎;

🚩special thanks to Yuki Nakamura, Leader of WILL JAPAN 🇯🇵 and promoter of WILL ASIA PACIFIC, and to all the colleagues intervened: Sim Wen Yee (Malaysia), Thao Nguyen, Phuong Nhu and Tinh (Vietnam), Jacob Divino (Philippines), Allan McDougall (Australia), Wayu Suthisarnsuntorn (Thailandia), Subramanian Srinivasan and Krishnan Hariharan (India), Elsa Law (Hong Kong), Elena Schildgen (UAE); also our WILL COO Federica Bertollini was present!

🚩Thanks to our WILL host in Singapore: Yue En Chong, Mark Tan, Hariz Lee, Jonathan Wong, Boon Gan Ng, Mun Siong Yoong!

🚩special guest: Marc Miles from USA 🇺🇸!

🚩great meeting also with Victor Mulindi from WILL in Kenya 🇰🇪;