🚩lateral thinking is in WILL’s mission! That is very important to us having different points of view from professionals who can enhance the legal environment!

🚩for this reason we are proud to announce that Mr. LIM YONG YI from Singapore 🇸🇬 is today an affiliate of our alliance!

🚩Mr. Lim Yong Yi is partner at RANGER INVESTIGATION & SECURITY SERVICES: private investigator, security officer, security consultant providing the best services;

🚩our esteemed mate focuses on asset tracing, background checks, surveillance counter measures, OSINTers;

🚩his motto is: “Determined, we succeed!”: super addition in our roster with Lim Yong Yi!

🚩meet Lim Yong at https://cloud.willeague.com/#/associate=yi.yong.lim