🚩WILL ASIA PACIFIC expand in TAIWAN 🇹🇼 today!

🚩today we welcome to our alliance attorney LINGWEI LI from Taipei!

🚩Lingwei Li (they/he) is a practicing lawyer in Taiwan. They launched Zenkuan Law Firm in 2018, which has been focusing on women’s and LGBTQ+ legal issues, human rights law and activism both on a local and international level;

As an openly nonbinary activist, they are the founder of Taiwan’s first and currently the biggest nonbinary support group “Taiwan Nonbinary Queer Sluts,” providing community support and awareness raising affairs since 2019. They also accept interviews and publish articles on feminism and LGBTQ+ legal issues;

Lingwei speaks 4 languages, Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese and Hokkien. They use their language skills to provide multilingual legal services, and have clients rooted from all around the world;

🚩meet Lingwei at https://cloud.willeague.com/#/associate=lingwei.li